Homemade Tortillas


Through Pintrest, I’ve been able to find a ton of recipes I desire to try.  Now if you know me, I’m not one who likes being in the kitchen.  However, I do love to impress with how self sufficient we can be.  I want people to think of me and think to themselves, “what can’t she make?”  Between all my sewing and now my cooking/baking I’ve made a lot of things that are typically store bought.  I decided one day to make tortillas and they turned out to be SUPER easy and super quick.  You just mix the 4 ingredients together; roll it out…

Put it over heat for a short time.

and your done.

I was able to make about 20 tortillas in one batch.


Hummmm…..what to make next; maybe my own sprinkles for C1’s birthday cake?


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