10 Months


at 10 months C1 is:

Weight: 21 pounds

Length: 30 inches

At 10 months C1:

*get’s haircuts

*stands by himself

*walks while holding both your hands

*Size 3 diapers

*9-12 months size clothes

*still only 4 teeth

*loves to pull things out and make messes

*only wakes once during the night

C1 is such a fun boy to have around.  He’s growing up so fast.  I see how other Mom’s are so sad to see their babies grow up, and while I wish I could have a redo on the first 3 months; I’m excited for C1’s growth.  I like how he’s becoming more interactive and growing his own personality.  It makes me so proud when he develops a new skill or learns something new.  While I don’t want him to grow up too fast, I also look forward to seeing how he’ll turn out.  The kind of kid he’ll be, the kind of big brother he’ll be, the kind of student he’ll be.  I love my baby boy SO much.


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