TV time


Hubby and I have really been good about cutting back on our TV watching.  We canceled our cable and we started downloading all of the shows we watch with TV Torrents (I couldn’t explain torrents, Hubby does all the work, I just know where to go to find the shows I want).  We have an old laptop hooked up to our TV and we watch TV through that.  I’d say we watch about an hour a day; at most in a day is two hours.  TV time is what Hubby and I do after C1 has gone to bed; we cuddle on the couch and enjoy our shows together.   I like doing our TV this way because I don’t watch TV all day long and I don’t watch crap, just because it’s on.

Since we don’t watch a lot of TV, neither does C1; which I think is a good thing.  We do have some moves like Baby Einstein and such; but I forget to put them on for C1.  We even recently downloaded old Sesame Street episodes for C1 to watch.  I don’t want C1 to get to branded by shows, but I approve of Sesame Street.  He’s so cute when we stares at the screen in wonder of what’s going on.  He loves learning, and I want him to have toys and shows that will teach him things.


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