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Copy Cat Ruler


I found this way cute fabric ruler on etsy HERE,I love the vintage look to it and I also love it’s portability for when we move.

but decided it was way too expensive for my budget.  So, I went to JoAnn’s and got myself some duck cloth, and some Sharpie markers.  I made mine about 10 inches wide and was able to make 6 rulers with the 2 yards to get me slightly over 6feet.  I gave one to my Mom to use for the grandkids (Hubby’s Mom, if you want one too, let me know and I’ll get it out to you as soon as I can).  I gave one to a good friend of mine.  And I still need to make mine.  I need to get it done before C1’s birthday.  I plan on measuring my kids every year on their birthday.

(*pay no mind that I messed this one up by putting a 2 on the 1.5 mark, and fixed it by making it a 1/2.  ooops, it’s not suppose to look like that).

Matching Pants


I always thought I would never dress my kids in matching outfits.  I thought it was silly to put them in the exact same outfit.  And yet, I’m doing it with C1 and Daddy.  If you remember HERE I made Hubby some pj pants for his birthday (he picked out the fabric).  I planned on making some for C1 and I finally got around to doing so.  These are a size 2T; I wanted him to be able to wear them longer to match his Daddy.

Thanksgiving Day


Both my brothers and their families came to my Mom’s house to celebrate Thanksgiving.  Hubby cooked the turkey, I made a Cesar salad; everybody pitched in and made a little something for the meal.  I got out Mom’s fine china and set the table up nice.  Hubby knew that the bird wouldn’t take very long to cook, but everyone kept telling him to put it in at 10am; even though we were planning on doing dinner around 3pm.  Last year they had a mishap and the bird took a long time to cook and still wasn’t all the way done.  The bird (this year and last) was home grown by my brother.  So we knew exactly where it had come from.

As Hubby suspected, the bird didn’t take but a few hours to cook and it was done by noon.  We didn’t have anything else ready!  So, while the bird cook it’s last 10 degrees, we all jumped in the kitchen and made our thing and helped get everything on the table.  The timing of everything turned out wonderfully; we just ended up eating a few hours earlier than planned.

We had a great meal and enjoyed company of family.  My brothers both live near my Mom, so it’s not that big of a deal for them to get together; I’m the one who lives far away and has to complete the family gatherings.   I love my family.  Sometimes I love that they live far away and sometimes I wish we lived next door.  Happy Thanksgiving.


Raking Leaves


One afternoon we decided to go out as a family (Hubby, C1 and I) and rake my Mom’s leaves for her.  We bundled up and headed out.  We had to teach C1 about playing in the leaves and make a mess.  He enjoyed being out on the grass; but it did get a little cold, so we left the piles and headed back in.  He’s such a good helper.



We don’t have stairs at our house, but Grandma does, and we weren’t sure if we should be worried about C1 and the stairs or if he would be able to figure it out.  Once or twice before we left for Grandma’s I would take C1 out in the hall to the stairs, and he could climb up so quick, but once we got to the top he didn’t know what to do.  I showed him a few ways to go down, but he didn’t seem interested.

Once we got to Grandma’s we went over it again with him; feet first, or slide on your bum; just not head first.  C1 picked it up really quick.  He would approach the stairs and start to go down head first, but then took that opportunity to turn his body and get his legs going down to the second stair and go down feet first the rest of the way.  He just hasn’t figured out how to get started going feet first.  It still made us all a little nervous on that first stair, but once he got going I was confident in his ability.  Now I don’t really worry about C1 and stairs.


Speaking of figuring things out quick.  My Mom has a toy that kids love, but it takes them 5-10 time being shown how it works.   She showed C1 once how it worked and he could make it go and sing from then on.  Ah, just like his Daddy, such a smart boy.

Sorry for the lack of pictures on this post.

Flying to Grandma’s


This is C1’s second time flying to Grandma’s house.  He does very well on flights.  This time was a little better for me because I had Hubby with me to help out.  He seems to have figured out that drinking helps with take off and landing; not that we’re just forcing him to drink.  He would walk up and down the isle as far as my arm would reach.  People around me didn’t seem to mind him, and C1 made a few friends along the way.  On the flight out, we did have one man in front of us who decided to lean his seat back as far as it could go.  That’s squishy without a lap child, let alone with a squirmy child on my lap.  If he would have kept his seat up, I would have stopped C1 from kicking and banging on the seat, but if he wants to lay in our lap, then I’m going to let my kid knock your seat all he wants.  I’m sorry.

This lady had the same flight and lay over that we did and she took quite a liking to C1.  She was kind enough to read C1 his book while we waited for our continuing flight.  She was a nice lady.

On our way home we had a few people aweing at C1; and the family that sat behind us told us how they were admiring him (a flight full of kids and mine is the one to be oogled over).  They mentioned how they hoped we would sit near them and wanted to hold him.  Once we had taken off and C1 had finished drinking, I passed him back to the strangers behind me and enjoyed my flight home.  They held him until it was time for landing.  It was so nice.  I would turn and watch him interact with these people; he was just loving it up.

I hear stories how people dread children on airplanes, but C1 must be special or magical or something, because people wanted to sit by him and play.  I’m such a luck Mom to have such a good boy.




C1 has taken 1 maybe 2 steps before this video, but to me, this is a video of his first steps.  8 to be exact.  We were on our way to my Mom’s house for Thanksgiving, had a layover in Salt Lake City and we got this video of him walking.  Oh, how proud I am of my sweet boy.  My heart gleams every time I see him walking.  The week and a half we spent at Grandma’s he didn’t walk much, but a few days after we got home, back on the wood floors, he decided to get up and walk across the living room and he’s been walking around ever since.  His first time walking was almost 3 weeks before his 11 month birthday; an early walker.  He’s such a smart boy!