Sunday Shoes


Once C1 was born, I told myself that he would always be dressed appropriate for church.  A nice button down shirt, nice pants, maybe even a homemade tie.  He’s even sported a nice winter sweater or vest a time or two.  Ever since he’s been going to church at 8 weeks old, he’s been dressed in his Sunday best.  Except for his shoes, they don’t always look bad, but they arn’t typical Sunday shoes.

Every time I’m at Target, I roam the walls because that’s where they put the clearance items.  I’m a sucker for a sale, whether I need it or not.  But if I do need it and I can wait till it goes on sale, I will.  I love getting deals.  I happened upon some Sunday shoes in a size 5.  C1 wasn’t quit to a size 5, but at the price I found, I had to buy them.  I don’t understand why children’s shoes are so darn expensive.


Original price?  $16.99  Marked down to: $11.99; still kind of high, but at least not full price.

But nobody bought at $11.99, so they were again marked down.  This time to: $8.48; that’s like half the original price!  Even better!

But still nobody bought them until they had to mark these shoes down to $4.24!  Now that’s a price I’m way willing to pay!  From $16.99 to $4.24  I’ll buy that even if I they are a size 10.  Heck, I’d probably buy them even if I had a baby girl, in the hopes of someday having a baby boy to wear them.  (*I do this with girl clothes I can’t resist buying; I already have a full box of girl clothes I got at super discount)

C1 now has a pair of Sunday appropriate shoes to wear with his nice Sunday outfits.  Now, let’s just see if they stay on his feet.  Happy deal finding.



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