Halloween Cards


This year I decided to make Halloween cards for C1’s grand and great grandparents.  I took black paper and primer (I don’t have white paint, so I just used primer).  I tickled/painted C1’s feet and stamped it onto the card upside down.  We made about 6 cards to send out.   Took a sharpie marker and made eyes.  Not only are these cute cards, but also mark how big he was in Oct. of 2011.  “Hope you have a BOOtiful Halloween”

I also took a picture of him in his costume and put it in the card.


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  1. JC did that too only he just made small ghosts from his hands and foot prints. I cut them out and gave one to a few family members. It is a great way to remember how big he was. I’m going to keep a hand or two and a few foot prints each year and decorate with them. This way too when he gets old enough to know who’s feet / hands they are it will be fun to have him try and put his hand or foot on each one and see the size difference. He is getting so big. I can’t believe he is almost a year in less then a month. I love watching your little man grow up and see what he and your family is up to. We should get together sometime when you are back in Boise and have a play date with the boys! 😉
    Great job on being such a great mom J!

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