Pumpkin table runner


This is what I posted on Getyourcraptogether.blogspot.com.  Go check her out, she’s got lots of great craft ideas and organizing ideas too.


Today I’ll be sharing with you a Pumpkin table runner; inspired by a quilt I saw at the Payson Quilt show. Now that I’ve made this, I can think of a few variations that would also look fantastic.


10 10×10 squares (5 for the background and 5 for the pumpkin base)

green scraps for the leaf

brown scraps for the stem

scraps for the pumpkin strips

10×46 fabric for backing

(optional: iron on interfacing dual sided)

Version 1: use the iron on interfacing to adhere the pumpkins together and to the 10×10 square

Version 2: top-stitch your pumpkins down leaving a 1/2 inch edge to fray after washing

Version 3: do jack-o-lanterns and only use the iron-on interfacing for the face and then fray the pumpkin itself.


Depending on which version you’d like to make; the first step will be to adhere the iron-on interfacing to the pieces you don’t want to fray (such as the leaf, stem, pumpkin sections or the jack-o-lantern faces or the pumpkin shape itself). Cut out enough pieces for 5 pumpkins worth; as pictured above.

Step 2 would be to iron down (or not if you want it to fray); stitch down the basic pumpkin shape first to 1 of your 10×10 pieces. We’ll be stitching down each layer at a time to make sure it’s stitched all the way around. Iron and stitch each piece to each pumpkin designing it how you’d like it to look. There is no perfect way to do this, that’s the great thing about it. Do this for 5 of your 10×10 fabrics.

Once you have your pumpkin, stem, leaf and pumpkin strips or jack-o-lantern face ironed on and top stitched down you are ready to sew your squares together.

Then you’ll sew your front to your back with right sides together; leaving a gap for turning. Turn and press. Lastly top stitch around so as to close your turning point and display.


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  1. Love the pumpkin table runner, you are one clever girl! Life is so busy here that I haven’t touched my sewing machine or even my new craft table (it is usually covered with Polly Pocket stuff) since you buys were here. I do have a couple of Christmas projects I need to get started on. Soon I hope.

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