Rainy day hair


We had a busy day yesterday; lots of errands to run. The fun part of it all; it was raining all day. We stopped at Target, Gymboree, Chipotle, JoAnn Fabric and then Costco. That’s a lot for this little guy. The rain made it all the more interesting. I would take C1 out of his car seat and run into each store with him in my arms. His hair started to look funny wet, so I spiked it up; by our last stop it had dried and wouldn’t stand up or lay down. I’m so glad our sweet boy has hair and a good amount of it.


About thismom

I'm a SAHM and love it. I'm also a wife to a wonderful husband, a fabricaholic and a traveler. Here is my life's adventure as a crafter and a Mother.

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