My Little Mummy


I got this idea from Pintrest; HERE.  It was simple to make; it was getting the picture of C1 wearing it that was the struggle.

Simply rip strips of white fabric and lay on top of your onesie.  I layed one strip back and forth over shooting the sides working my way up.  Sew the top layer of onesie and your strips up each side and trip the rest.  I hot glued the giant googly eyes on and finished.


However, now that C1 has worn it, I’m not sure how to wash it.  With the plastic eyes hot glued onto the fabric, I’m afraid of the eyes melting or something.  Looks like this one get’s hand washed.  Makes me grateful to live in an age with washing machines.


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  1. Wash it by turning it inside out and then hang it up to try or dry it in cold / warm water instead of the really hot water. I think that will work out great. It is such a great costume. Great job J!

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