Children’s Research Study


At the University they often have research studies.  I think this is a great way to earn money for not having to do much.  I’ve signed C1 up and they have called us 3 times so far for different studies that are in his age group.


First Study was to see if children in his age group could predict what would happen next.  They tracked his eyes while he sat on my lap and watched a video.  The video had two toys where an arm would come out and grab the same toy each time.  The tracked his eyes to see if once he saw the hand if his eyes went to the toy it kept grabbing.
Second Study was to see if children his age pick up on preferences and follow what other people prefer.  We sat at a table where again, he sat on my lap.  The researcher would put out two toys, favoring one and then would see if C1 grabbed the toy she favored or the other toy.


Third Study we’ve done was to see if he could tell something based on if they liked the same foods or not; I was confused at what they were trying to find out.  This time he sat in a high chair and again had a monitor that followed his eyes; and he watched a movie.  Two people would pretend to eat from a bowl and if one liked it and the other didn’t they would turn their backs, but if they both liked it they would wave “hi” to each other.

These studies take us no more than 30 minutes of time and they pay us $10 each time.  We get to walk there since it’s the building right next to where hubby does most of his classes.  Hey, if you’re going to be in our family, you’ve got to earn your keep.  We’ll put you to work from the start.


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