The Piano Man


Hubby plays the piano, I wish I played the piano, so we own a piano.  I love having a piano in our home (as small as it is right now).   I hope that our children will learn to play what ever instrument they want.  I really wish I stuck with my piano lessons as a child.

I think C1 is well on his way to loving music and learning to play a masterpiece.  Here his friend is turning the pages for him while he plays.

C1 can now reach the piano keys while standing and loves to play.  He loves it even more when we put him on the bench and let him play where he can reach better.  I would make a video, but really at this point it is just noise.


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I'm a SAHM and love it. I'm also a wife to a wonderful husband, a fabricaholic and a traveler. Here is my life's adventure as a crafter and a Mother.

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  1. Hope he does as well as his daddy in developing his talents. Music is a gift you enjoy all of your life. And a gift you can share with others.

  2. We have a piano too in the house and Kiddo absolutely loves to play! My hubby didn’t continue with his piano lessons either…went with soccer instead :-). I have been playing from 1990 or so and did some lessons for about 13 years before my teacher passed away with MS. From them on I just play and am able to sight read. I’m not the best but it is fun to have the music of any instrument going in the house. You and your guys can play the flute and the piano and enjoy the family time! 😉

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