This is a word I’m making up; Insulment.  It’s an insult, but a compliment at the same time.  I got one of these from Hubby.  In our family, Hubby is the book smart one and I’m the common sense/street smart one.  I know that I won’t be very good at helping our children when it comes to homework.  Things like math and me don’t get a long, so I won’t be of much help.  Hubby knows this about me and kind of worries that I won’t be a good help for the kiddos (the insult).  However, when I threw our food textile party Hubby wasn’t so worried about me not being able to help with the homework, because he knows that I will be able to help in other ways.  I can let them experience things and provide opportunities for learning (the compliment).

I hope the next time you get an insulment you take away the positive side of it.


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  1. What can I say, he’s my son and I love him to pieces, but he is not always tactful. Glad you have the patience to to enjoy his isulments!

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