The day after apple picking we set out to preserve our apples, we knew we couldn’t even come close to eating them before they went bad.  We also picked up some strawberries at the local produce store; they were only $1.50 a pack, and I LOVED my Mom’s strawberry jam growing up, so we made some jam too.

First we cut everything up:

Then we followed the instructions in the Blue Ball Book for Canning.  For first time canners, it was a life saver.  We canned apples for baking, knowing we would make apple pies all winter long.  We also did the strawberry jam.  However, one batch didn’t turn out as jam, so we have a batch of strawberry syrup.  A happy accident.  Now we can have yumminess for longer.  We’ll defiantly be canning again in the future.  We already make our own pickles (sometimes); the possibilities are endless.


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