A visitor


Because we live near a University we have a lot of friends that move in and out every year.  Sometimes they come back to visit, and that’s always fun when they do.  This friend also had a son, born just about a month after C1.  While she was in town she wanted to take my sewing lessons; but only had a small amount of time.  So, instead of doing my 4 lessons, I did a brief lesson 1 and then did a lesson 2 all in a few hours.  I taught her how to use a sewing machine and for her first basic project I showed her how to follow a pattern by making her son some pants.  I can’t think of an easier project.  She did SO well.

We took our time between sewing and playing with our kids.  It was fun to see how they interact.  They would take toys from each other and didn’t mind that the other was taking their toy.   We stopped a bit to put them down for naps and to feed them.  We simply had a great afternoon together.

Thank you friend for stopping by to see us.  We really enjoyed your company.


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