Food Textile Party


C1 is learning to self feed some of his foods.  He enjoys doing so, but I don’t like to let him do it with everything, it get’s messy.  I won’t let him touch the spoon when I feed him, but if it’s things like crackers, fruit (cut up of course) or things he can handle, I let him.  This gave me the idea to make a bunch of messy kinds of foods for him to play in and experience with his hands.  And since he already puts everything in his mouth, food was a good option, since it wouldn’t really matter.  So I invited some friends over to enjoy the experience with me.  Why make a big pot of spaghetti just for C1, so we shared.

I made spaghetti, and jello and also had raw rice for the kids to play in.  A few different textures; smooth, sticky, prickly.  We striped our boys down (no girl kid showed) to their diapers and let them do what ever they wanted.  I knew this would make a big mess, but I wanted the kids to be able to experience on their own terms.  It’s a good thing we have wood floors throughout the house or I might still have jello stuck in my carpets.

The other Mom’s thought this was a good idea, but had such a hard time letting their kids make such a mess at someone else house.  The boys started grabbing handfuls of rice and throwing it in the air; spreading it EVEYR WHERE.    Once the water was spilled and the jello was well strewn about things got a little slippery and the kiddos kept falling; which made it not quite as fun for them.

The kids thought it was fun, I thought it was a blast and I just know that C1 loved it too.  I hope to provide more opportunities like this for my children to let them learn on their terms.

After the fun was had and the kiddos were done, we had a group bath.  I have a small bathroom, so we just did 2 at a time with the 4 boys.  I also wouldn’t let the other Mom’s clean up.  They were here to have fun and go on with their day.  Once everyone was gone, I put C1 down for his nap and cleaned up the mess.

*weeks later ( a month later) I am still finding rice in the oddest places.  It’s a reminder for me of all the fun we had and that I need to continue to do things like this.


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