Apple Picking


For C1’s 10 month birthday we went Apple Picking.  Well, it more just happened to be his 10 month birthday, we didn’t really plan it that way.  We drove down to County Line Orchard in Indiana and paid good money for apples that we got to go and pick right off the tree.  We’ve never been apple picking before and have wanted to go for a couple of years, but just never did.

We love getting out of the city and being out in the country, it’s one of our favorite things to do.  In fact sometimes we’ll go to the suburbs just to get out of the city.  It was a lovely fall day when we went.  We rode the tractor train around the farm to get an idea of where all the apples were that we wanted.  We got off where they had a pumpkin patch and picked ourselves a nice small pumpkin.  We also took advantage and too some pictures of C1 in the pumpkin field.  Daddy dressed him that day, in orange to match. We had so much fun picking out the best apples, and spending time together.  By the time we were ready to leave the food tents were about to open, so we decided to stay for some lunch.  Good ol’  burger and hot dog.  They did have these ribbon potatoes that were quite yummy as well.  As we ate we enjoyed some live music.  I believe we got somewhere around 30 pounds of apples.  We had plans, we were going to try canning for the first time (in our marriage).  So, going in we knew we wanted to make applesauce and apples for baking pie.

Once we left the farm, we headed to Walmart to buy a few canning supplies.

Our canning adventure up next….


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