Gymboree Play & Music


I signed up C1 to go to Gymboree Play & Music because we found a Groupon for it and only paid $40 for a month of play.  When we lived in Virginia, I worked at a Gymboree and always thought it would be fun to take my kids.  Well, now I get to.  We’ve only been a few times now, and I think C1 is still getting use to it all, but I think we’re both really enjoying it.  I take him to his play class once a week and then our location has two days/times of open gym; which is where we get to go play without an instructor.  We’ve been to one play class and one music class.  I think it’s great for him to build his social skills and I get to learn some things I can do at home with him to help him develop mentally.  I love that he gets to be around other kids his age too.

I’m hoping to continue him past our one month Groupon.  During the winter it will be great for him to have a place to run around and be a kid.  It’s less than 10 miles from our house and I can get my grocery shopping done next door after we’re done.  A win all the way around.

*C1 has been cruising along furniture for a little while, and has stood on his own for a few seconds.  Our first time at Gymboree he was so distracted watching the other kids that he stood for quite some time on his own, and has  been doing it for longer and longer ever since.  I think he’ll be walking well before he’s 1 year old.


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