72 Hour Kits


Conference Weekend I decided to go through our 72 hour kit to see what we had in there.  I know it’s not up to date, because there isn’t anything for our child or our dog.  Come to find out, there is hardly anything in there at all except a blanket and MREs.   One year for an activity at church we make these vacuum sealed packs of food for one person for 72 hours.  I found them, and didn’t remember what they were, there was no label.

I had to open them to see what they were.  So we did.  The smell was horrible.  The onion soup mix that was in there had soaked through everything, making it all smell and taste like onion.  We had to try some of the things inside, but even the gum, that smelled okay, tasted like onion.

Maybe next time (if there is a next time) I should put everything in it’s own zip top bag to keep flavors separate.  I like the idea of doing this, but really, I’m not sure how practical this is.  Do you see how much food is there, that’s suppose to last for 3 days.  I could eat that all in a matter of hours.  I’m SO grateful that we’ve never been in such an emergency that we’ve had to leave our house or survive on our 72 hour kits; we would never survive.  Below is the list of what you were suppose to eat each day for each meal.


Pork and beans can is use to cook soup in and juice can is used as drinking cup

1st day:

breakfast: 2 granola bars, 1 can apple juice

lunch: 1 stick beef jerky, 1 apple cider drink

dinner: pork and beans, 1 pkg crackers, 1 fruit roll up

2nd day:

breakfast: 1 hot chocolate, 1 pkg trail mix

lunch: 1 stick beef jerky, 1 fruit roll up, 1 apple cider drink

dinner: 1 soup pkg, 1 pkg crackers

3rd day:

breakfast: 1 hot chocolate, 1 pkg trail mix

lunch: 1 soup pkg, 1 fruit roll up

dinner: 2 granola bars, 1 fruit roll up

Snacks for all days: candy and gum

Each person will also need to add 1 2-liter soda bottle filled with water and 2 drops of bleach

Each family will need 1 can of heat to warm up food and drinks


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  1. You need to remember, 72 hour kits are meant for survival, not gourmet eating. Good that you opened yours and found that it probably wasn’t fit for human consumption.

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