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Bed Quilt


If you remember back to August of 2010 you’ll remember THIS post about how I was going to start a bed quilt for Hubby and me.  This quilt has taken me SO long to work on and sew and complete.  You might also remember early September in THIS post I had the top done (finally) and everything sandwiched ready for quilting.  Quilting it actually didn’t take me too long to do and I then bound it by wrapping the edge of the top over to the back and sewing it down.  This may be cheating, but I simply wanted this quilt to be done.  Well, it’s now done and on our bed, and we love being able to use this thing.  It turned out really well for my first extra large queen size quilt.

While I do like how this quilt turned out, I think I don’t love it.  I want to do a more girlish quilt; with floral and softer colors.  I’ve got the fabric and pattern already for another queen size quilt; lets just pray it doesn’t take me a year to make this next one.  We’ll see, I’ve got about 5 quilts that are already started and about half way done.  Maybe I should work on finishing those up first.

Halloween Part 2


This year I found C1’s costume at a church swap meet for free.  I decided to play on his costume and have us match him.  I made Daddy the zoo keeper and I turned a pillow case I made into a dress for me.  We found a hat with hand warmers at a street fair.  In the city we don’t go house to house trick or treating, we do our churches “trunk or treat” where we go to cars in the church parking lot.  At the church party there is always lots of soups and pumpkin carvings to judge, typical Halloween stuff.  There was also a photo booth set up where we were able to get out family picture taken in costumes.  We had a good time.

I like to dress up for church for Holidays and match a little as a family.  Halloween was easy to do with black and grey.  I made C1’s tie with some fabric I had on hand.  Sadly this is the best picture we got.

Halloween Part 1


I am really enjoying having parties at our house.  Especially now with Pintrest and all of these great new ideas and treats to make.  I had to have some sort of party, just to make some of these great treats.  Here is just a little bit of what we had..

Pretzel spiderwebs

Chocolate Covered Peanut butter fingers

Ghost Cupcakes

Microwave carmels

Rice Crispy Ghosts

The Entire Spread

Sunday Shoes


Once C1 was born, I told myself that he would always be dressed appropriate for church.  A nice button down shirt, nice pants, maybe even a homemade tie.  He’s even sported a nice winter sweater or vest a time or two.  Ever since he’s been going to church at 8 weeks old, he’s been dressed in his Sunday best.  Except for his shoes, they don’t always look bad, but they arn’t typical Sunday shoes.

Every time I’m at Target, I roam the walls because that’s where they put the clearance items.  I’m a sucker for a sale, whether I need it or not.  But if I do need it and I can wait till it goes on sale, I will.  I love getting deals.  I happened upon some Sunday shoes in a size 5.  C1 wasn’t quit to a size 5, but at the price I found, I had to buy them.  I don’t understand why children’s shoes are so darn expensive.


Original price?  $16.99  Marked down to: $11.99; still kind of high, but at least not full price.

But nobody bought at $11.99, so they were again marked down.  This time to: $8.48; that’s like half the original price!  Even better!

But still nobody bought them until they had to mark these shoes down to $4.24!  Now that’s a price I’m way willing to pay!  From $16.99 to $4.24  I’ll buy that even if I they are a size 10.  Heck, I’d probably buy them even if I had a baby girl, in the hopes of someday having a baby boy to wear them.  (*I do this with girl clothes I can’t resist buying; I already have a full box of girl clothes I got at super discount)

C1 now has a pair of Sunday appropriate shoes to wear with his nice Sunday outfits.  Now, let’s just see if they stay on his feet.  Happy deal finding.


Halloween Cards


This year I decided to make Halloween cards for C1’s grand and great grandparents.  I took black paper and primer (I don’t have white paint, so I just used primer).  I tickled/painted C1’s feet and stamped it onto the card upside down.  We made about 6 cards to send out.   Took a sharpie marker and made eyes.  Not only are these cute cards, but also mark how big he was in Oct. of 2011.  “Hope you have a BOOtiful Halloween”

I also took a picture of him in his costume and put it in the card.

Pumpkin table runner


This is what I posted on  Go check her out, she’s got lots of great craft ideas and organizing ideas too.


Today I’ll be sharing with you a Pumpkin table runner; inspired by a quilt I saw at the Payson Quilt show. Now that I’ve made this, I can think of a few variations that would also look fantastic.


10 10×10 squares (5 for the background and 5 for the pumpkin base)

green scraps for the leaf

brown scraps for the stem

scraps for the pumpkin strips

10×46 fabric for backing

(optional: iron on interfacing dual sided)

Version 1: use the iron on interfacing to adhere the pumpkins together and to the 10×10 square

Version 2: top-stitch your pumpkins down leaving a 1/2 inch edge to fray after washing

Version 3: do jack-o-lanterns and only use the iron-on interfacing for the face and then fray the pumpkin itself.


Depending on which version you’d like to make; the first step will be to adhere the iron-on interfacing to the pieces you don’t want to fray (such as the leaf, stem, pumpkin sections or the jack-o-lantern faces or the pumpkin shape itself). Cut out enough pieces for 5 pumpkins worth; as pictured above.

Step 2 would be to iron down (or not if you want it to fray); stitch down the basic pumpkin shape first to 1 of your 10×10 pieces. We’ll be stitching down each layer at a time to make sure it’s stitched all the way around. Iron and stitch each piece to each pumpkin designing it how you’d like it to look. There is no perfect way to do this, that’s the great thing about it. Do this for 5 of your 10×10 fabrics.

Once you have your pumpkin, stem, leaf and pumpkin strips or jack-o-lantern face ironed on and top stitched down you are ready to sew your squares together.

Then you’ll sew your front to your back with right sides together; leaving a gap for turning. Turn and press. Lastly top stitch around so as to close your turning point and display.

Homemade Body Wash Tutorial


I saw this on a friends blog, and I had to give it a try.  I did a little research and some testing to get the recipe just right.  Somewhere along my path, I took a liking to Dove soap.  I don’t like bar soap because the idea of the same thing touching my body as anybody else is gross to me.  Then I waste soap trying to get the soap clean.  I’ve been buying Dove body wash at Costco and it hasn’t been a bad deal; but by making my own, I can get it for half the cost and I like it WAY better.

Step 1:

Grate 2 bars of soap.  I used a cheese grater, but I hear you can also use a food processor.

Step 2.

Heat the soap on the stove with 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 cups of water per bar of soap.  So, for our two bars of soap, use 2 1/2 cups of water.   Heat the two until all the soap is dissolved.  For me this didn’t take very long since I grated the soap pretty well.

*I tried 1 cup per bar and it works great, but it’s pretty thick.  I did 1 1/4 cup per bar and it’s a good consistency and you get more soap for your buck.  I think that 1 1/2 cups of water per bar of soap would give you the same consistency of the store bought stuff.

Step 3:

Put in glass bowl to cool before putting it into a plastic bottle.

Step 4:

Put into a plastic bottle and use daily.

Here’s why I love this soap better than the store bought dove body wash.  (I’ve been using my 1 cup water per bar of soap).  I do like bar soap because it makes my skin feel smoother, but as I said, I don’t like using the bar.  I like the homemade stuff because I get that smoother clean feeling as if I was using a bar of soap, but I get it in the form of a liquid.  I also like that I only have to use a small amount 1/2 to 1/3 of what I was using before.  The lather lasts from head to toe and rinses out of my loofa quicker.  The cost is cheaper: I can buy 3 bottles of body wash from Costco for $12.99; or I can buy 14 bars of soap for $14.99 and make 7-8 bottles with it.  And because I don’t have to be using as much per use, it lasts longer.

From now on, I’m going to be making my own soap.  Not only to save money, but because it’s my favorite soap now.  I love homemade.