Jazz Festival


On Saturday, Hubby was bored and decided we needed to go on a family walk.  So we packed up the boy and headed out.  When we go on walks we normally go on campus and walk around.  This particular walk was exciting because we ran into a Jazz Festival.

This was a lot of fun.  I love seeing all the booths set up with things for sale, I love gathering ideas for things I know I can make myself.  I did buy one thing for my halloween costume.  You’ll just have to wait and see.  We’re not great at dressing up, but we’re doing something.  I need to start mass making things so I can set up my own booth and sell what I make!  How do I sign up for that?  This booth was full of wood with sayings on them as well as picture frames.

The top part that says “PLAYROOM” would be super cute for our someday play room.  Easy to make; just adhere painted blocks onto one solid piece; add vinyl letters.  Scuff if desired.  So much fun.


This sign “Go Jump in the Lake” was done several ways; but this frame was my favorite.  So tempting to buy.  (Like I need any more frames in my house!)  I figured I could make this too.  It’s also only applicable if you live near a lake, which we may not always live near.

I also got my picture taken with President Obama and wife…ha ha ha.  I didn’t know they were so tall.  Nice cardboard cut outs.  We really do only live a matter of blocks from his home in Chicago.  Not as joyous as you might think.  Whenever he’s in town they block a lot of roads and it’s harder to get around.


Thanks for the walk dear I hope we run into things like this more often.


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