My Fail


A friend of mine gave me this cute “Family” blocks some years ago.  I’ve displayed them on my bookshelf ever since.  As I was re-arranging my living room and cleaning things out; I sort of didn’t want this any more.  I guess it was the colors or something.

Then, as it sat out, Hubby started to play with it and formed it into this:

I then wanted to keep it.  It now sits out on our piano as “My Fail” instead of “Family”.

Having it say “family” is great and all, but it seems so formal, so perfect.  Like I’m creating this perfect home.  If you’ve seen my home off guard, then you know that dog hair is everywhere, toys are strewn about the house and the bathroom could always use a wipe down; as well as dishes out in the kitchen.  Letting this sign read “my fail” seems more real.  I’m not perfect and this is a reminder that nobody is perfect.  For some reason, it helps me to not judge myself and recognize that I will make mistakes, but we just keep going and keep trying.


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