My Two Front Teeth


C1 has 4 teeth already.  I read in a book that the top teeth don’t come in until 8-10 months.  He’s had his since 7 months, and getting more.  C1 is teething again.  It seems as though once they start poking through, they all want to come out.  I thought and read that the process took longer, but C1 is just growing teeth like crazy.

Poor guy.  It’s hard to see his top teeth, let alone get a picture of them, so he sort of looks like a horse.  Is is just me, or does it look like his teeth are coming from the front of his gums instead of down the bottom of them?  It’s hard for me to tell which ones will come next.  To me it looks as though it will be his fangs, but there should be another tooth to come in before the fang ones.

My opinion, C1 is growing up and maturing so that C2 (child 2) can come into the picture.  Nothing as of yet, but as always I look forward to becoming pregnant again.  Oh, how I love my sweet boy.


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  1. There really is no hard fast rule about which teeth come in when. I am a BIG believer in Amber teething necklaces like Inspired by Finn. I need to blog about it soon

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