Quilting Cruise


I’ve been following the Moda County Fair Blog Hop and recently learned about this:

click on picture to learn more.

I totally want to go on a cruise that is centered around quilting!  Maybe instead of going on a celebratory trip with the family (for my Awesome Dollars); I can use the money instead to go on a trip by myself and quilt.  I’ve asked a few friends and family members, but can’t get anyone to come with  me.  I could always pretend it’s like girls camp and meet new people while I’m there (it’s two people to a room).  I love to surround myself with people who enjoy the things I enjoy, as much as I enjoy them.  I feel as though my friends don’t have quite the same passion I do about fabric.  If you want to donate money so I can go on this wonderful trip…ha ha, just kidding.  This may be a dream, and it may become a reality, but this would be AWESOME!


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