Lincoln Park Zoo


On Saturday we decided to head to the zoo.  This particular zoo is free; which also means it’s sort of small. 

We enjoyed walking around the zoo showing C1 all of the animals.  My favorite lately has been the giraffe.  I think it’s because of a friend of mine had a thing for giraffes, so I kind of adopted her love for them too.  Middle of the day not all the animals were out, and a lot of them were sleeping.

Sometimes I wonder how much C1 is actually getting out of our adventures at this age.  I could never tell if he was looking at or seeing the animals we so lovingly pointed out to him.  At least he enjoyed being out and in his stroller.

It was kind of exciting for Hubby and me to see the vulture take a bath then come out into the sun and spread it’s wings to dry off.  Other than the cost of parking; we should come to the zoo more often.


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