Daisy our Dog


Our poor Daisy is such a sweet dog.  I sometimes wonder though what it must be like for her.  She use to be the center of my attention, we would cuddle lots and go out to the park every day to play.  And now, she’s third in line.  I now take care of C1, myself and then her.  She often follows me around all day laying in what ever room I’m in.   Trying to get me to take her to the park or at least play with her in the house.  I no longer have time to just cuddle with her or spend the time I’d like pampering her.  So to you my sweet Daisy dog, I still love you.

She’s really good with C1.  She doesn’t quite like him yet, but I can understand.  He crawls toward her only to grab her fur or pull her tail.  Not so pleasant.  I think and hope that once he’s a bit older and can run with her and throw her toys she’ll like him a lot better.

I also feel bad for living in the city with a ‘large’ dog.  She needs space to run around and play.  Soon my dear Daisy.  Soon, we’ll get you a yard to run in and maybe even chase some animals around.

Thank you for being the best dog we could ever wish for in our family.  You make us complete and bring so much love.  Thank you for always being happy to see me and loving me always.


I love my pup.


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