Ruffle Cake


We had a Baby shower for my new friend T. since she’s new to this area. We wanted her to get to know people before she had her baby and know who she can call upon for help or anything she might need with her newborn.  Since I was asked to host; I had to make something.  My first idea was to make gumdrops; but upon further reading the recipe; you need to let them sit for a day to harden.  So I went to chocolate covered homemade marshmallows.  Our mixer is on the fritz, so I couldn’t make marshmallows.  So then I thought I would make pink and purple  candy corn.  I mixed it all up and accidentally put in too much butter; which hardened it in minutes.  That’s shot, now what do I make.  So I decided to do a practice run for the cake I want to make for C1’s party.  I mixed up a cake mix; divided it into two pans and died one pan pink and the other purple.  I then looked up online how to frost it with a ruffle (she’s having a girl if you couldn’t guess by now).  So if everything I wanted to make failing wasn’t enough; as I was frosting the cake, I was close to done, I had two columns left to frost and I ran out of frosting!  I had to make more, just to finish the cake.  The cake turned out wonderful and I’m quite proud of how it all turned out.


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