Lollipop Tree: Tutorial


I saw this on someones blog (I can not find it anywhere, so if you know, let me know so I can credit them).  A friend of mine is going through a hard time right now and I wanted to send her something.  Maybe a little note that says something to the effect of “sorry things kind ‘suck’ right now”.

Supplies: a bag of dum dums (250 count)

and a 5″ styrophome ball


Insert the sucker sticks into the ball all the way around the circumference. 

Alternate on each following row so as it fills in the gaps and work your way around each time.

I stuck mine in only to the wrapper at the handle, not all the way down to the sucker.

I used 250 suckers and didn’t get the whole thing covered; you could either use a smaller ball, or use more suckers. 

And viola, you’re done.  You could stick a dowel in and use a vase to make it like a tree.  Stick it in a vase, flower pot or anything you’d like.


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