8 Months


At 8 months C1 is:

Weight: 19 lb. 13 oz.

Length: 27 1/2

At 8 months C1:

*walks along furniture a little bit

*size 3 diapers

*size 6-9 month clothes

*has 4 teeth!

*has ridden the CTA bus to downtown Chicago for the first time

*hits himself or pulls his hair when he doesn’t want to fall asleep

*grinds his teeth

*is very wiggly during diaper changes

*bounces when standing

*enjoys dumping out his toy buckets

It’s getting harder to get him to sit still for the pictures.  I set him down and he either crawls right at me, grabbing for the camera or crawls away for the toys.  I didn’t get a good shot with his giraffe this time around.  Darn.  In this last shot, the pre-flash sort of caught him off guard.  But he is such a cutie.


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  1. Eight months — the time is flying by. He keeps getting cuter, how is that possible? I think he and his Utah (for now) cousin would get along just great. January still seems far away but looking forward to seeing you all again then.

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