Log Cabin Hidden Stars Quilt


If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now, you may remember a year ago I started making a bed quilt per Hubby’s request.  His sister had made us a quilt our first year of marriage (for Christmas) and through the years it has become torn in spots.   Because of the tares, Hubby has asked me to make a bed quilt; but king size, even though our bed is queen size.  I started it in August of 2010.  Hubby helped me pick a pattern and some of the fabrics; so I consider this to be Hubby’s Quilt.  I wanted to finish the quilt by December 2010 to give it to him for Christmas.  Something came up and I needed to get it done by October; so I could sent it with my MIL to be quilted at a shop in her town.  Time got away, December passed, and I decided I wanted to do this quilt 100% myself including the quilting.  So my MIL had to ship it back to me.  With all my other projects and a new little one at home it sat in the box for months; well, until now.  It’s my goal to finish this quilt and give it to Hubby this year for Christmas.

I had the quilt all laid out and basted and asked Hubby how he thought I should quilt it (it is his quilt and all).  He suggested diagonal lines.  I was going to do something with stars or stitch in the ditch for each log cabin; but that seemed like a lot of work and I’m still learning how to quilt; so I agreed to his diagonal lines.  I planned out three months to quilt it; a month to bind it and then it would be ready for gifting in December.  With his quilting idea, I don’t think it will take me all 3 months to finish.  I’ll be glad when this thing is done and it’s on our bed.


Just the other day I learned to tape each of the layers down to get them all to be flat.  I didn’t know this and already started quilting.  There is already some snags on the back.  With this big of a quilt I didn’t know how to get all three layers flat and basted it a little lumpy (but really I tried to get it flat).  I had to baste it late at night after C1 went to bed and Daisy was sleeping in our room; I didn’t want either of them to trample on my quilt while I was trying to lay it flat.


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