Tank to Skirt


I was at Target and found some men’s XXL tank tops on sale; so I bought a few and turned them into a skirt.  I cut the first one just below the armpit line and made a casing for the elastic.  It was almost the right length for me, but not quite, so I cut another tank and added it to the bottom of the first; turns out I don’t know how to measure, I think I made it too long now.  The length hits me between my calf and my ankle.  I think I want it to hit me just below the knee, so that when I sit, it’s not too short.  Oh, and I added some ribbon to make it look nice.

So, tell me, do you like the length, or does it need to be shortened?  Maybe it’s simply not flattering at all on me.  I thought I’d just give it a try anyway.  Let me know what you think.


This is what it started as (two of these).

A close up of the skirt.

The whole ensemble.

(Now that C1 is crawling, it’s hard to not get a picture without him and our pup.)


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