Lake Michigan


This summer we took C1 to the beach.  It was an overcast day; to me, perfect for going to the beach.  The sun was hiding behind clouds, but it didn’t rain on us at all.  Because of the lack of sun, the beach was pretty empty.  I don’t like being in the sun; I don’t go sun tanning or anything of that sort.  I try to protect my (blindingly white) skin.  My “tan” is a laughing matter and when I do get some sun, I turn red.  We also bought this floatie thing for C1, but hadn’t found a chance to use it, so I was determined to use it this summer; so we walked to the lake (we live about a mile or so from it).  The lake is kinda cold, so we didn’t stay long in the water; but once we were done we enjoyed out packed lunch.  Then dried off to walk home.  It was a fun little trip to the beach with the family.  It’s fun little outings like this that I enjoy as a family.  Being together making memories by spending time together.  I love when Hubby can take some time off of work to spend with C1 and me.


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