What in the…?


So, I pulled out my bleached muslin that I bought this summer so I could make a skirt; when I find….

a HUGE mess.  I’m not quite sure what to do.  Do I take it back to the chain I bought it from?  Do I say; ‘oh well’, and cut past it?  This is the first time I’ve bought a bolt of fabric, and maybe I won’t do it again.  Has this ever happened to you?  What would you do if you found your fabric like this?


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  1. Hey
    It has happened to me, and if you can try to see if you can place it on a seam (after of course you cut that part out) that way you can still you the fabric and you don’t loose a bunch. It is always hard when things like that happen. I have often found that I will unroll the bolt (depending on how much there is and if I by the bolt; even if I don’t by the bolt I unroll it to how much I will need) that way if there is a snag in the fabric or something like what you found thanks the ladies cutting the fabric can see it. I would try to take it back if you have the recipt and it isn’t too long from when you bought it. Good luck and it is so rare to get things like that I think you’d be okay to buy a bolt again, just maybe unroll it to be sure. 😉

    • I bought this at JoAnn’s in Boise. 10 yards of muslin; that is pre shrink wrapped. So there was no way to check the bolt before buying. For now I’ll just cut around it and keep going (I did get it on sale, and used a coupon). Things happen and we just work with what we get in life.

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