Tutorial: Padded camera bag


A friend of mine wanted to learn how to sew and since she’s a photographer she wanted to make her own camera bag.  She purchased a way cute bag and we made the padding for her gear.  A great project because you can have a personalized bag just for your gear, and way cuter for carrying around town than most camera bags.  Some sewing experience is required, but not too difficult of a project.  I use 1/4″ seam allowance, because I’m use to quilting with that.  If you want to use larger seam, you’ll need to add to the pattern.

* You will see two different projects here in the pictures.  I sort of forgot to take good pictures of the first project, so I made another; however, I didn’t have a lot of foam left, so my second one is more of a pencil cup; but I was able to get some more explanatory pictures for you.

You’ll need:

1.5 inch foam

fabric of your choice


Gather Your Supplies

First measure your bag or your gear you want padded to see what size your bag insert needs to be.  We’ll be cutting two pieces of foam; one for the base and one for all four walls (plus any additional you may want for dividers).  Our base measured 5 inches by 11 inches.

Cut Your Pieces

Next we cut the foam.  For the base we cut the foam to the exact measurements 5×11 inches. Then for the walls we cut it the height we wanted 4 inches by 32 inches (all four sides added together: 5+5+11+11=32).

Cut your fabric 2 inches larger than the foam.  We’ll need the full 2 inches for seam allowance and for connecting our pieces together.  Cut two of each; the bottom and the walls.

We’ll start with the bottom piece.  Take your fabric and sew right sides together leave an opening to turn right side out.  Trim your corners and turn.  Iron flat tucking in your opening . Insert your foam into the pouch.  Sew around the edge 1/4″ all the way around.  Then move your needle so you can sew right up next to the foam all the ay around.  Set aside for now.

Sew Twice Aroudn the Bottom Piece

Next we’ll work on the walls.  If you want to attach your velcro now, you can do so, but I like to wait.  Sew right sides together; leaving a large opening on the bottom side.  Because we’re working with foam, it will take more space to insert the foam.  Once you’ve sewn your fabric, trimmed your corners and turned it right side out and ironed; insert your foam and only top stitch the bottom opening.  Push your foam all the way to the top of the fabric and center from side to side.

Sew Wall Piece Shut

Now mark your walls  the measurements of the base; since mine was 5×11″ I marked my walls at 5″ then 11″ then 5″ then the end should be 11″.  We’re going to sew a line from bottom to top  to create our corner crease.

Mark Your Corners

Sew From Bottom to Top

Now comes the tricky part.  Pressing the foam down line up your wall with the base and pin right sides together.  I work with one side at a time.  Sew one side down; leave my needle down holding my spot as I flatten the foam turn the bottom piece and line up side two; squishing and lining up each side to sew it down.

Carefully Sew the Wall to the Bottom

Once you have all four sides sewn down to the base you’ll have something that looks a little like this. Then hand stitch up the side to close it.  And turn it right sides out so you hide all of those ugly corners.

Get This, Sew Up Side; Turn Right Side Out

Sew your velcro onto the walls of your newly created box and the flaps of the inserts and you’re done.  Put your gear in to make sure it fits, then put it all in your new camera bag.  A comfy new home for you camera and lens.

Insert Divider

All Done

Please let me know if you have any questions about this tutorial.  If you make one of your own, I’d love to see how it turned out.  Enjoy


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