My 101 in 1001 Goals


I’ve done it.  I’ve finished my list of 101 goals.  That was kind of hard to think of that many things; it’s not that easy to think like future me would think.  I did leave 3 blank on purpose so that as future me grows, I can add them in later.  Or if you have any good suggestions that I want to add, I have space to do that as well.  Most of my goals are craft related; but that’s who I am and what I do.  I’ve tried to think up goals to involve C1 as he grows, but I don’t really know what he’ll bee doing at that point so that was kind of hard.  I’d also like to have a baby, but there is no guarantee as to when that will happen, so I can’t really make goals based on that.  Some I copied off of Husbands list; he started one, but I don’t know if he made it to 50 or not.  Some of my goals I hope to exceed my set number.

I will be crossing off one of my tourist type goals this Saturday; and I am working on a tutorial for this blog, so that will be one of my many I’d like to put on here.  I’m starting today; what better day to start?  I’ll keep you all updated as I make progress on my goals.  I hope you try this adventure with me; and keep me posted on how you are doing as well.

Start Date:  25 August 2011

End Date: 22 May 2014

Here are my goals:

My History

1. scan memorabilia

2. type old journals

3. scan China pictures

4. scan UK pictures

5. digi scrapbook UK pictures

7. label pictures with date, names and location

26. digi scrapbook China pictures

27. digi scrapbook 2011 pictures

28. digi scrapbook 2010 pictures

29. digi scrapbook 2009 pictures

30. digi scrapbook 2008 pictures

31. digi scrapbook 2007 pictures

32. scrapbook 2006 pictures

33. pregnancy scrapbook

Get Active

16. loose pregnancy weight in 10 months of giving birth

18. run a 5K

37. have baby #2

77. run a 10K

Tour Around

19. attend an opera

20. go to a Cubs game (vs. Padres preferred)

21. got to a Bears game

22. ride train to Wisconsin

23. enjoy a you pick farm (berry, apple, pumpkin; any really)

46. go to Mall of America

49. visit 5 museums in Chicago (that we haven’t yet been to) (0/5)

53. take C1 to the zoo

54. go see Blue Man Group

55. go to the sky deck of the Willis/Sears Tower

61. take a week vacation as a family (not to go see family)

62. take C1 camping

63. go fishing

68. go to Canada with in-laws (their mission area)

85. plan and execute a girls weekend trip


8. organize recipe binder

9. food storage plan and inventory what we do have

15. try 30 new recipes (1 a month) (0/30)

50. eat at 10 Chicago famous restaurants (0/10)

72. make a meal for 3 someones (0/3)

86. make our bread for 2 months (0/2)

Get Organized

6. scan fabric as digi paper

10. inventory house

11. label digi paper colors in picasa

34. read 15 books (0/15)

80. update blog design

81. update pictures in frames in the house

83. figure out my ‘style’ of clothing

84. create a will

87. sift through digital pictures

89. organize year-end files even more

94. research and pick a interior designer for our new house

For the Soul

17. read Book of Mormon 2 times (0/2)

42. attend the temple 7 times (0/7)

56. visit teach 20 times (0/20)

74. read the conference Ensign for FHE cover to cover (0/? talks)

88. help in nursery at church 5 times (0/5)

97. make a list of 50 things I’ll miss about Chicago


35.  sell condo

40. buy clothing tags for my crafts

41. save $10,000 for rainy day/ emergency

59. buy a single family home

60. move out of Chicago

64. get a second dog

66. sell 5 homemade crafts (0/5)

67. buy a king size bed

76. don’t spend extra money for a month (only for food and bills)

Skill Building

25. compose 10 tutorials on (0/10)

36. potty train C1

43. grow hair to mid boob length

45. learn to play 3 songs on the piano (0/3)

47. learn the ins and outs of a serger

69. learn to tie a tie

73. teach 5 people how to sew (0/5)

78. teach C1 the ABC’s

91. do preschool for C1: either find a good one or do it at home

95. go through book “365 ways to a smarter preschooler” with C1


12. Boys Story quilt

13. “12 Be’s” wall hangings

14. finish 2 queen bed quilts (1. log cabin 2. Jenny’s garden) (0/2)

24.wear homemade clothes for a week

38. throw a themed 30th birthday party for self

39. finish 10 quilts (0/10)

44. reupholster toy chest

48. enter a quilt in a quilt show

51. finish 100 craft projects

52. make clothes to wear

70. make and send 20 birthday cards (0/20)

71. 365 photo a day challenge on blog

82. do a giveaway on my blog

90. repaint condo

98. submit a tutorial (video) on U Create


57. go to play group 20 times (0/20)

58. go on 25 dates with just the hubby (0/25)

65. spend a whole day paying attention only to C1 3 times (0/3)

75. wii game night with friends 5 times (0/5)

79. personal goal…for 2 months

92. hire Aunt R. to be my midwife for baby #2

93. try breast feeding with #2 for longer than C1

96. read to my kid(s) every night for a month

To Be Determined





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