My Post Book


In the past I set the goal to post every day, but it simply never happened.  I didn’t have a plan or know what to write about until Hubby and I went out and did something.  I was searching the dollar deals at Target as I always do and found this cute “Teacher’s Lesson Plan Book”.  I love back to school supplies, even though we’re not going back to school.  I thought at first I could use this lesson plan like a day planner, until I thought to use it for my blog.  Instead of putting notes of each days “lesson” I put ideas I’ve come up with to blog about (but don’t want to do all in one day).  I filled up about a week just off the bat.  And every time I think of an idea to blog about, I write it down for later use.

I was following along day by day, but a.) life happened and C1 kept doing cute things to blog about and b.) since this book is for teachers it only has Monday thru Friday; no weekend days.  Now, when I can’t think of what to blog about for the day, I refer to my book of ideas and blog about that.  It keeps me organized, lets me remember some thoughts I had and keeps me regular on posting, now if I could just make the time every day to do it.  Having my post ideas written out like this also helps me keep a focus for this blog so I’m reaching my target audience(s).  Since having a child I use to write for the grandparents so they could see C1, but now my focus is going to be crafts and parenting.  Crafts I make, things I do to keep my home organized and things I do with C1 as he grows and learns.  As well as what our family is up to in general.

*A blank page in the book

*filled up pages in the book

Now I can tell you what is coming on my blog; it’s just a matter of when it will actually happen.  Like my tutorials and more about how I keep myself organized and more pictures of C1 (mostly for the grandparents).  Hope you enjoy reading my blog and if you have something you’d like me to share or write about, let me know, I’ll add it to my ‘post plan’ book.


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