Oh, Snot!


On Monday of this week, C1 had a fever.  During the week it progressed to the stuffy nose and is now turning into a cough.  When C1 is sick, he seems to only want to cuddle with Mommy; which means I haven’t slept much in the past week.  Hubby tries, but C1 just won’t calm down until I come and hold him.  C1 is a tummy sleeper, there is nothing I can do about it.  Before I even lay him all the way down in his crib, he’s already on his tummy.  With a snotty nose he has a hard time breathing while sleeping which means he can’t get comfortable, and can’t get to sleep.  Poor thing.  To top it all off, I think I’ve caught what he’s got, I’m starting to feel sick now too.  Anyone want to come disinfect my house for me?  Here’s to getting rid of all the snot.


Oh, and did I mention, both his top teeth are coming in right now; at the same time.  (Teething does not cause fevers).  I can hear him grinding his teeth all day long and it’s a horrible sound.  Like fingernails on a chalk board! (which that I can handle, but not C1 grinding his teeth).

This was a fun little photo shoot I did with C1 a few weeks back.  I liked so many of them, so I made a collage.


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