Yoga Mat Bag


I’ve been finishing a lot of projects lately, which is motivating to do more.  So I’ve got the project bug, where I just have to do more and more.  I usually have a list of projects I’d like to get done during each month, but I needed a break; so I started a whole new project that was in my to do in the distant future, but won’t take long list.  I found this free pattern online from Amy Butler; Nigella Yoga Bag (toward the bottom of the page).  I love Amy Butler fabrics and designs, but even more I love FREE.  I had printed off the pattern and put it aside.  I don’t actually do yoga, I’m not flexible enough yet, but I have a mat because we have hard wood floors, and it’s not comfortable to exercise on.  As it sits now, it collects dust, but now that I have a fancy new bag for it, it can stay clean.

The fabric is from IKEA; it’s a heavy weight fabric.  I left off the pocket and didn’t do the lining; which made the project super quick.  A nice orange thread to match the little bits in the fabric.

Sometimes I find things I want, but decide I’d rather make it instead of buy it; and this item is actually not that expensive; but I made one today and will be posting a tutorial soon on how to make your own.  Deluxe Shopping Cart Strap.  Shopping carts often have broken buckles or are just plain gross; a soft padded strap of your own to hold your child safely in the cart.  I need to take mine to the store to try the size on a shopping cart, I fear I may have made mine too short.


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