Sewing for the Kitchen


It seems as though there aren’t a lot of things you could make out of fabric for the kitchen, but I came up with a little list of things to tie my kitchen all together.  The trick was to use all 7 fabrics in each piece.  I’m too excited to share with you, so I’m not quite yet done with all of the projects, but I just had to share what I have done.  I’ve been itching to share.

First up, every kitchen needs an apron.  I used the Emmeline Apron pattern from Sew Liberated.  This is the second time I’ve made this apron and I still love it.  I love that it’s reversible and the ruffles across the top.  Too much fun.

I made two kinds of oven mitts, small ones for things like cookie sheets (tutorial found at ‘The Idea Room’; she now has heart shaped ones and snowman shaped ones), and a large one for things like casserole dishes (tutorial found at ‘Sew4Home‘).  My Mom had this kind, but I haven’t seen them in stores, so I was happy to find a tutorial for them.  I pieced the long one in order to get all the fabrics in there, and then appliqued pears on the hands to go with my pear theme.  I almost did just two fabrics, but am so glad I pieced this one together, I’m loving the way it turned out.

I then made hot pads with left over piecing from the casserole carrier.  I bound the hot pads with ribbon to save on time since it has finished edges.  I also quilted the hot pads in a grid.  I’m not very creative when it comes to quilting; I’m still learning that part.  No tutorial with the hot pads, I just sandwiched insul-bright between by fabric and quilted and bound.  The casserole carrier is the second one I made, and I must say, I like this pattern much better than the other.  I still need to put handles on this, but now I need to make casseroles to give away, just so I can carry it over to people in my new carrier, I think I’m in love.  The tutorial can be found at 2 little hooligans.  To save on my limited kitchen fabrics, I did the inside white.

And lastly mentioned (that is finished), was actually the first thing I made.  As I went through my Mother’s old magazines and books I found this pattern; cut the pattern size in half and did pears instead of chicks.  It’s from the March/April 2009 issue of Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting.  Chicken Dance is the title of the table topper and it was the first time I’ve done anything circular, and it wasn’t as hard as anticipated.  Thanks also to my Mom for helping me through it.

Still to come is a recipe binder cover (more later on why I’m using a binder instead of a box); a stuffed pear, place-mats and a drying mat for under a dish drainer.


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