More Twins


So, I’ve told you about C1’s “twin”, but on this particular occasion, he had a different “twin”.  I had given a friend of mine some Quinoa because I didn’t know what to do with it, and told her in exchange, she would need to make us a meal with it, so we could see what we’re missing out on.  She made a wonderful meal with it; so yummy.  As the evening progressed, it was time for the boys to get into their jammies; they have the same jammies and we thought it was too cute.   We just HAD to take pictures of our cute little “twin” boys.  C1 was so funny during this photo shoot.  He would not let go of Friend’s arm or hand.  He had to be touching him to show that they are friends for the picture.  C1 is so friendly and loves everybody.

And I love these friends of our who invited us over, such a great family and wonderful friends.  Thank you.


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