Recent Outings


Local Park

It had been a while since our poor puppy had been to the park.  Don’t get me wrong, she goes on walks almost daily, but I think she just wanted to be outside and off her leash.  She enjoys the park for a few reasons, she likes to eat the grass, and she loves to play fetch.  She’s learning when to take a break and rest.  C1 enjoyed watching our pup run and play and apparently he took a few tips from the dog and started eating the grass as well.   Silly boy.

Steak ‘n Shake & Walmart

We don’t like living in the city.  We’re simply not city people.  So, when we get the chance we like to go out and enjoy non city places.   We decided to go to Steak ‘n Shake for dinner the other night, in Indiana.  I don’t know what it was about that night and that Guacamole Steakburger, but it tasted SO good to me.  I normally like Stake ‘n Shake, so it wasn’t a surprise that I’d like it, but that burger was above good.  Our waiter was really nice too; when they didn’t have an avocado for us to give to C1, he brought us a kids applesauce for free; (we gave him a good tip for his kindness).  C1 enjoyed wearing the hat, until he realized he could take it off and chew on it.  We then took our time to walk around the Walmart.  I got a few things for projects I’m working on and we ended up doing some grocery shopping.

Sunday walk in the rain

Like most Sundays, we take a walk as a family.  Today we decided to walk to the lake to let our dog swim for a bit and then walk home.  We got about a block or two out when I turned to the hubby and said how I thought it was going to rain.  He is usually the one who is better at knowing when it’s going to rain than I am, but the dark heavy clouds kind of gave this one away.  However, the hubby didn’t believe me this time and decided to check his phone for weather information and it told him that the rain was past us and moving north.   Well we got a little further than a mile and it started to sprinkle and quick started to come down harder.  We took cover at a student housing building (where we saw both families we know who live there).  We weren’t the only ones caught in the rain, there were a few of us hiding out of the rain.  We waited the 30 minutes for the rain to pass.  It let up a few times, but then started dumping again, so I’m glad we waited until it was all the way done.  We then continued on to make our way to the beach, where our dog enjoyed a swim in the lake and then made our way home again.  A lovely day for a walk in the rain.

*I must say, I’m quite proud of my pictures this time.  I’s say they are pretty good.  Better than any ol’ picture, but not quite professional.  Funny thing is, every single one of these pictures was taken with my phone.  Pat myself on the back.


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