Growing like a weed


I almost can’t write enough to keep up with the growth of C1  I’d have to post 5 times a day to tell you everything that’s going on in his development.

First up is how he lets us know he’s awake and wants to get out to play.  C1 still makes fussy noises to tell us so, but now, he will stand up in his crib hanging onto the rail and bounce making noises.  If we don’t go get him right away, then his babbling turns into cries of frustration.  Once he’s standing he doesn’t know how to get into any other position and gets frustrated.  I once found him standing, facing the wall screaming because he wanted out to play, but was frustrated because he didn’t know how to get back down to sitting.  Now, I find this rather funny, and often laugh when I walk in and he’s standing and crying, but it’s sad and frustrating for him.  Someday he’ll figure it out.

Just about every day I have someone tell me how cute C1 is.  He is a pretty adorable baby.  It helps that he’s mostly such a happy boy too.  He smiles a lot at everyone.  Just yesterday we were at the park with a friend and a strange lady was smiling at C1 and then asked to hold him.  I agreed because I’d like to get C1 use to other people besides me.  I’ve heard this age is where they get clingy to Mommy, and I’d prefer that to not be the case, so I pass him around at church, at the chiropractor and apparently at the park.  C1 has only once cried when given to another person and that was months ago. Hubby calls C1 the Gerber baby.

We’ve had some play dates and C1 enjoys being around people.  I think it’s healthy for the both of us to get out of the house, or to be around others.  This is C1’s “twin”, we’ll have lots of play dates with this guy since they are the same age (by three hours!).  It’s so much for us moms to watch them play together.  Doesn’t hurt that us Moms are great friends as well.

I would say something like, “I can’t believe my baby….”, but really I can believe that he is growing up, I just want to know, where did all the time go?  When did he get this big already?  C1 has teeth.  Not just one tooth, but two teeth.  They came in one right after the other.  He bites sometimes, but C1 is more of a pincher than a biter.  Wow, my baby is sure growing up fast.

I’m realizing what a treasure feeding time is.  When I’m feeding him a bottle, it’s one of the few times he will just melt into my arms and cuddle.  He’s getting kind of squirmy, but still in the stage where he relaxes and enjoys his milk.  I need to cherish our cuddle times, with his new found mobility I think our cuddle days might be numbered for a while.  I sure do love this little guy.  He’s becoming more and more fun and interactive when we play.


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