New Diaper Pouch


I was given a diaper pouch that was good, but just a little too small for my liking, and I wanted to try out a zipper pattern for practice with zippers.  So I set of to make myself a new zippered diaper pouch with some fabric that my sister-in-law gave to me (some of her scraps) and some fabric I had on hand not knowing at all what I would do with it.  I rarely use orange (or pink, but that’s beside the point), so this was the perfect job for using this fabric.  I made the size according to the size of the scraps I had and the size of the zipper I had on hand that matched.  Finished size is about 13″ by 9″ which turned out to be perfect for what I was wanting.

Well, not much to explain, it’s a pouch that I put diapers in, I added a handle and my little tag and am loving my new pouch.  I do wish it was a bit stiffer, but now it can easily fold up and be stashed away or tucked into anything as needs be.  Thankfully this project didn’t take very long, it’s been a while since I’ve completed a project and I’ve been needing to finish one to feel good about all the projects that I have started.  I also make some progress on some crafts I’m making for my kitchen as well as a tutorial I’m going to be posting as soon as I’m done with the project.  Look for those in upcoming posts.


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