I was always taught to keep a journal for posterity’s sake.  I do occasionally enjoy flipping through my own old journal entries; well, the once in a blue moon that I did write in one.  And while I do have a copy of my great grandparents journal, I have never read it or have the desire to as of yet.  So my question is, how important is it to journal, and why, and does a blog count as a journal?  As I have been typing up my old journal entries (in case posterity tries to read it and can’t read my handwriting, I’m typing it up) I realize how boring my life was as a kid.  It seems as though all I did every day was watch television, or talk about boys.  I only wrote superficial things, never dug deep in my heart to spill everything I was feeling.

I tried keeping a journal of C1’s birth and our time together in the days and weeks following, but after about a month or so it dwindled to not writing at all.  I’m always trying to play catch up in my journal, looking back on my calendar trying to remember what had happened in my life.  I’m just glad I wrote his birth story down, but I guess sometimes it might be nice to remember what pregnancy was like.  All I can recall was I loved being pregnant.  It wasn’t always perfect and happy, but I loved it.  I’ve tried doing a few lines in a journal every day, but that never stuck either.  As you might can tell, I’m not much of a writer.

So who is journaling really for and why is it so important?  Do blogs or scrapbooks have the same effect as a journal?  What’s your opinion, what do you think?  Do you keep a journal?

*because I can’t not include a picture of my sweet boy.  Why is it that the best moments of them are when they are asleep?  C1 likes to sleep on his side / stomach.  Such a sweet kid.


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  1. I have heard that journaling, scrapbooking, blogging, etc helps calm the writer down and helps organize their thoughts. There is a new craft / journaling idea I have heard about with quilting. Take different pieces of clothing that your family or children have worn and then sew them into a quilt. This way you can use pens and describe memories of that article of clothing or make a key that way you don’t ruin your quilt. I think this would be really neat to do as a small wall quilt which would make a great keepsake for your child. Whatever you do to remember the memories and past just make sure you enjoy it and have fun with it.

  2. It’s funny you should mention this… I’ve been unpacking boxes that we’ve had in storage for the past 3 1/2 years and in them were all my old journals. So I’ve been flipping through them and I find my life was much like yours. Even though I would write everyday, there wasn’t much meaning or thought behind it. I’m not nearly as good about writing today as I used to be, but I do update my blog fairly regularly. And in a way I consider that to be my “journal”. I put more thought and details into my blogs. And while I may not mention every day that I did homework and watched tv for the day, I cover all the big things with more thought and feeling. So yes, I consider blogging a form of journaling. And there are websites out there where you can actually have your blog printed into a book so you have a hard copy (which I’ll get around to doing someday, lol).

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