I joined Pintrest


Since my laptop crashed and we got me a new desktop I’ve been transferring all my files and such over.  Trying to transfer all my bookmarks has been a pain.  Making sure I get them all.  I’m sure I wouldn’t know if some got left behind, I have so many I don’t remember them all.  Also, when I’m off on vacation, I sometimes want to access my bookmarks, but can’t unless I have my computer; SO I decided to join up on Pintrest.  All my bookmarks online and I can access them anywhere from any computer.  And the best part, YOU can access my bookmarks too and see what sort of crafts I’d like to make.

Check out my pins here: ThisMomBlogPins


Now all this fabric has a purpose other than take up space in my “craft room” (living room) and look colorful.


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