Friends Phil & Ted


When it came time to buy a stroller for C1 I took a look around me to see what other Moms had.  I saw a lot of jogging type strollers with big wheels.  In the city it makes sense; where we are the sidewalks are horrible.  I wanted to get a stroller that would last through a few children.  I liked how the Phil & Ted brand had two seats in front and back, not side to side.  I searched Craigslist for a stroller for less than full price.  For a few {hundred} dollars off, I got a fairly new Phil & Ted Sport; with weather shield and second seat.  SWEET.

C1 learns to share his ride.

Once C1 came I would go out running errands trying to put everything in the little basket below.  Until a friend (who also has a Phil & Ted) told me to put the second seat on and use it as storage.  Genius.  So I stroll around town with two seats on my stroller.  Just today a lady walking past me mentioned how she also had a Phil & Ted and loved it.  Then she noticed how I had the second seat and asked me where my other child was.  I told her I only have the one so far.  She then replied, “well, you better get on that then”.

I’ve even used the second seat when I have been out with friends or watching other children.  It’s quite handy to have it and now, I’m ready when my C2 comes along.

My view of C1 in his ride.




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  1. I have 1 2! A big splurge after mainy annoying strollers. I have a car seat attachment for Michael’s infant carseat- Love it!!

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