Custom Curtains


A friend hired me to make some curtains for her kitchen. I helped her pick out some fabric (Midwestern Modern by Amy Butler). She told me what kind of curtains she wanted (tab top and roman shade) and away I went.  With measurements in hand and 3 yards of fabric I was able to make some beautiful curtains.  I must say these are some of my best work.  I don’t like to iron; poor husband has all wrinkled shirts; but I took the time to iron my seams and make it look nice and professional and they turned out beautifully!  We’ve got ribbon loops on the back of the roman shade to manually hook it up in place.  I’ve never made roman shades before and was a little intimidated when that’s what she asked for, but looking at some tutorials and playing with it a bit, I’m quite proud of myself and might just make some for my kitchen window.  I’ll have to have my friend take pictures when she gets them up in her house, they look funny on my back door.

What would you pay for curtains like this?  Custom made just for you.

*Either I need to learn how to take better pictures or I need to learn how to use Photoshop a little more.  Maybe a little bit of both.  Sorry these pictures are so horrible.


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