Daily Thoughts


Every day there are two particular things that I think about.  First is moving.  I so much look forward to moving out of the city and into a nice suburban single family home.  One with rooms large enough to hold all the furniture I need and not be a maze to get in and out of; one with lots of storage space so I don’t have to un-pack everything just to get to that one item I use only once a year.  A kitchen I can easily carry a car seat through without accidentally turning on the stove.  Where ringing my doorbell doesn’t lead you through gates and doors and everything else, just simply my door.  Where I have a basement for my food storage and a garage for both my car and a workshop for Daddy and me to use.  A yard for our sweet Daisy and C1 to play in.  A home where I don’t have to be creative with our furniture to make it look and feel like a home.

My second daily thought is pregnancy and birth.  I very much look forward to the day when I am pregnant again.  I LOVE being pregnant and I LOVE Mommy-hood.  Along with the joy of creating another child, I think about how I would do things differently with the birth and first few weeks.  I will use a midwife or hire my Aunt (who is a midwife) to come to town to be with me.  I would have them make sure I hold my baby for longer than I got to when C1 first came out.  I would have them show me how to nurse right away and be my nursing support for the next week at least.  I would have Husband stay at the hospital with me (since we live a mile from the hospital now, he went home to sleep and feed Daisy), but I wish we could have shared that time together with our new baby.  Although, with a second child it might not be as possible, he’ll now have to stay home to care for C1 and Daisy.  I would have someone there to help take pictures.  We didn’t get a good one with Mommy, Daddy and C1.  I would take more time to do newborn pictures and make sure I get what I want and not settle because of emotions.

Oh, how I day dream about these things and wish so bad it was time for them to come true.  I have to keep telling myself we’ll be moving in two years.  I can manage for two more years.  And Husband and I have agreed to start trying again when either I get back to my pre-pregnancy weight or when C1 turns a year old.  I’ll keep you updated when I’m pregnant again.


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  1. Hi! I bet you didn’t know that I look at your blog every now and again did you. 🙂 I just wanted to say that you are not alone in your first daily thought. I’m living in Boston right now and long for the day when I’ll have a yard to garden in, when I don’t have to put my bed up on risers because there’s no storage, and when I’ll have a laundry room that’s not down in a scary basement. Living is tight in big cities! Good thing we have Ikea. 🙂

    • Hey! I look at your blog sometimes too! You do so much fun stuff! Congratulations on getting married. You two seem so happy and enjoying life so much. You are such a doll. I hope we keep up with each other. IKEA is great, but the husband doesn’t like it so much. When we move almost all of our furniture is staying behind because it’s IKEA.

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