I conquered the MILE


Since I’ve been doing Awesome Dollars I’ve lost 5 pounds in one week! Now, that’s all pretty much water weight, but it was nice to see a change every day. I’m hoping it will continue to drop; according to myfitnesspal.com I should be down 13 pounds in 5 weeks. We’ll just have to wait and see.

I’m also proud of myself for earning 4 Awesome Dollars (AD$) every day. I thought for sure I wouldn’t be able to do it every day, and that I’d not do something. But now that I’ve done it all for almost 2 weeks now, it seems silly to not and feel stupid if I don’t, because I know I can do it and it’s not that hard.

What I’m more impressed with myself is that I ran a mile without stopping! Sadly this is the first time in my life that this has happened. In high school when we had to run the mile I would always walk most of it. With all my walking this past week and a WONDERFUL friend helping me and encouraging me the whole way, I did it. I can now jog a full mile. I did it again just yesterday. It’s such a thrill for me to accomplish this. As much as I still don’t like jogging, it makes me want to see how far I can push myself next. Yesterday while I was jogging, I made it 3/4 of a mile and my breathing was getting uncomfortable, but it wasn’t getting any worse, and I was able to complete the full mile without too much trouble. No more excuses, I can jog at least one mile now. Maybe I can run a 5K by the end of the summer. I said MAYBE. But I wouldn’t mind a little encouragement.

I would post a picture of me jogging, however, I won’t allow one to be taken. With the heat around here lately my face is red as a tomato and dripping wet. It’s not a pretty picture.

MyFitnessPal – Free Calorie Counter


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