Awesome Dollars


My MIL does this program with the grand kids that she use to do with her kids, called Happy Dollars. How it works is kids do chores or other such things to obey and they can earn a Happy Dollar. They can then save or spend their Dollars at Grandma’s Store (things she has purchased for the grand kids).

From this idea Daddy and I created Awesome Dollars. A little background first. I’m slightly overweight. Almost always have been, I more aged into my weight. I don’t like diets because I’m always hungry and then I over eat my calories. I also don’t like them because I have to change the things I cook, and that’s just not easy for me to do. I don’t like programs because I just can’t seem to stick to them. Loosing weight just isn’t reward enough. So in an effort to loose weight (from being pregnant, so I can be pregnant again), Daddy and I came up with Awesome Dollars. I don’t like the term fitness, because that sounds like too much work, and I’m not a fan of exercising in general. And I don’t like the term diet, because in my mind a diet is a short term way of eating, I want a way of life pattern.

I can earn Awesome Dollars 4 ways each day. 1. No eating sugar. Sweets, candies, cookies and the like, all off limits. Except maybe once a week, but I still have to stay within my calories. 2. Drink 64 oz. of water. 3. Eat a net of 1200 calories, depending on how many I burn. Track on 4. Burn 400 calories. Now, if I burn 800 in a day, then I would get 2 Awesome Dollars for that. Track on my RunKeeper app.

So I can earn about 4 Awesome Dollars a day. My goal is to loose 30 lb. in 3 months. That’s a whoppin’ 10 lb a month, possible, but quite difficult, especially for me, who has a hard time loosing weight. So my rewards (how I can spend my Awesome Dollars) is geared toward the end of 3 months, but we will continue so I can continue to earn all 3 rewards and keep myself healthy so I can become pregnant again.

My rewards are: for $120 I can get a serger for my sewing room; for $205 I can spend 300 real dollars on a fabric shopping spree; and for a perfect score for 3 months $360 Awesome Dollars our family will go on a vacation this winter to someplace warm, like an island or something!

Daddy is my banker and we mostly do the honor system for payment. Once my computer is back up and running I will show you the Awesome Dollars I created and allow you to print some of your own. Heck I may even create some Happy Dollars for you all to use as well.

*I put 4 on a page and cut them into rectangles. I made ones, fives, tens and twenties.

So far I’ve been doing this system for 3 days and I’ve earned 4 Dollars each day. It a great program for me because good ol’ fashion eating right (portion control), being active, drinking plenty of water and limiting your sugar intake is simply the way things should be. I use to barely drink one cup of water in a day, so to do 8 is a challenge for me sometimes.

Encourage me on my way to becoming healthier and earning $360 Awesome Dollars so I can get out of the city this winter and off to a nice warm beach.

In 3 days I’ve gone down one pound!


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