Chicago Crazy


On Monday we had a storm. It only lasted 15 to 30 min., but it was quite the storm. Rain dumped harder than I’ve ever seen, in a sheet that came right towards me (I was in my car going to an appointment at the time). Wind was blowing hard, Daddy says it got up to 100 mph! Construction barrels were in the road, along with a few tree branches. By the time my appointment was over and I was headed home, entire trees were knocked over at the root. I could hardly believe this short storm could do SO much damage. Four days later I still see trees in the road, piles of cut up trees to haul away and branches scattered thoughout parks.

Here will be a picture of a tree that had fallen and crushed a yellow smart car.

Here will be a picture of a tree tipped over at the roots, taking grass with it, over the sidewalk and into someone’s fence.

Not only did I survive the blizzard of 2011, but I survived the wind storm too. I’d rather live in a city where I can live, not just survive.

On a more positive note, on Wednesday as I was walking home from my appointment (I go 3 times a week), I ran into a bunch of RV trailers and trucks and catering. I asked the security man what was going on and they said it was all for the show Undercover Boss; it will air this fall. So apparently someone who lives in Hyde Park (south Kenwood specifically) is the boss of a large company. The next day I took Daddy there to show him and it was all gone.


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